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Photo of Richard Currier by Cara L. Keith, July 2012.

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Mayan Woman from Guatemala:  

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Ancient Greek Vase:  
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Bushman Woman:

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French Cave Painting:  

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African Bonobo Standing: 

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Recent Reviews of UNBOUND

Human Biology Review 8(1):77-82

A PDF copy can be accessed at .

"UNBOUND . . . is a thrilling book unravelling the mysteries of human evolution . . . .

“The . . . information provided in [UNBOUND] is a treasure house for the students of anthropology and the general public. Written in a lucid style . . . [and] providing fascinating insights into the realm of our evolutionary history, it is a welcome addition to the existing repository of knowledge.”

---S.P. Singh, Editor-in-Chief, Human Biology Review

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