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THE DISHARMONIOUS SOCIETY:  Human Nature in a Technological World will be my next book and is currently a work in progress. In The Disharmonious Society, I explore the increasingly troubled relationship between human nature and the type of human society that modern technology has created. Analyzing modern society as an anthropologist would analyze the culture of a small-scale preindustrial community, I examine each of the basic aspects of human life and reveal the disconnects and disharmonies between our innate human behaviors that evolved over millions of years and the realities of life in our technological world.

My most recent book, UNBOUND: How Eight Technologies Made Us Human, Transformed Society, and Brought Our World to the Brink was published in August of 2015 by Arcade Publishing, a fine small publisher whose authors include Mo Yan, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2012. Arcade Publishing is  an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing of New York. UNBOUND has been a best selling eBook in paleontology and prehistory since December of 2016.

PARAGONS OF SEX: the Natural History of Human Sexuality  is currently in an early stage of construction, although the ideas it contains have been floating around in my mind since the beginning of my career as an anthropologist. A detailed chapter-by-chapter outline has been completed, part of a full-blown book proposal that will be submitted for publication at some future date.

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  • Portrait of Richard Currier by Cara L. Keith, July 2012.

Background Skyscraper (from top to bottom):

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  • African Bonobo Standing: 
  • © Frans Lanting/ Reprinted with permission.

"Can We Colonize Other Planets?"

  • Earthrise from the Moon:
  • Courtesy of Japan Aeropace Exploration Agency
  • Biosphere 2: Courtesy Johndedios via Wikimedia Commons

"Canine Teeth and Lethal Weapons"

  • Laetoli Footprints:

    © 2015 John Reader. Reprinted with permission.

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  • Bonobos Standing: 

    © Frans Lanting/ Reprinted with permission.

Interviews with the Author

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Short Pieces

"Canine Teeth and Lethal Weapons: Was the Fabrication of Wooden Spears and Digging Sticks by Human Ancestors Responsible for the Evolution of Bipedal Locomotion?" is a scholarly article curently under development that expands on the argument presented in Chapter 2 of UNBOUND, in which I have made the case that it was the adoption of long, sharp sticks, used both as spears and digging sticks, that was ultimately responsible for the evolution of upright posture. This is, in fact, a topic that has been the subject of seemingly endless (and to date, inconclusive) speculation in paleontology and anthropology. 

"Can We Colonize Other Planets?" is an excerpt from the final chapter of UNBOUND, in which I examine the proposition that humans can escape the ills we have created on this planet by establishing colonies on other worlds. In December of 2014,  I was invited to contribute the first guest post of the New Year to The Daily Dose, a blog that regularly explores the connections between medicine and literature.You can read this post at In this post, I reviewed the reasons why the notion of extraterrestrial colonization utterly fails to square with scientific fact and cannot be regarded as a realistic solution to the man-made environmental crisis that now threatens to engulf the planet Earth. 

Other Stuff

Roger Williams, My Literary Agent

In the spring of 2013, I signed a contract with Roger S. Williams, Managing Director at The Roger Williams Agency, located near Princeton University and representing more than 60 authors in a wide range of fiction and nonfiction subjects. Roger is a member of the Association of Author's Representatives (AAR) and has worked in the publishing industry for over 30 years, where he has been involved in sales, marketing, merchandising, editorial, and product development. He has owned and managed several successful bookstores and spent seven years as  V.P. of Sales at Simon & Schuster. 

Getting Back to My Roots as a Writer & Anthroplogist 

In early 2012 I terminated my consulting business designing online continuing medical education for doctors and began the final phase of of my professional life: writing the books that I have conceived over the past 30 years and working to revive the study of world ethnography as an essential component of a basic education in cultural anthropology. Combining the study of primate social behavior with the entire spectrum of known human societies and cultures reveals a picture of human nature that has unique power in analyzing human behavior. It is from this point of view that I have embarked upon my next great adventure as an anthropologist and writer.