"Can We Colonize Other Planets?"

      There is an idea that has become popular in recent years, in which it is imagined that future generations of humans will escape the earth’s problems by using advanced technologies to colonize other planets. But even if we ignore the sheer logistical problem of launching hundreds of thousands of tons of supplies and equipment into space—and we consider only the environmental conditions that we know to exist on other planets—the goal of colonizing other heavenly bodies seems, for all practical purposes, literally unattainable.  Read more...

"Canine Teeth and Lethal Weapons: Was the Fabrication of Wooden Spears and Digging Sticks by Human Ancestors Responsible for the Evolution of Bipedal Locomotion?"

     When a population of prehistoric apes began to use long, sharpened sticks as lethal weapons, the ability to attack predators and prey from a safe distance gave an advantage to those individuals who could best stand, walk, and run on two legs, leading to a complete redesign of the primate body and the evolution of full upright posture.  Read more...

          "Sociobiology: The New Heresy"

    This feature article about the controversy surrounding Edward O. Wilson's landmark book, Sociobiology: The New Synthesis was published as a cover story in the November, 1976 issue of Human Behavior.   Read the full text.

"The Hot-Cold Syndrome and Symbolic Balance in Mexican and Spanish-American Folk Medicine"

    This scholarly article was written when the author was a graduate student in anthropology at the University of California at Berkeley and published in Volume 5 of the peer-review journal Ethnology.   Read the full text.