"Canine Teeth and Lethal Weapons: 

Was the Fabrication of Wooden Spears and Digging Sticks by Human Ancestors Responsible for the Evolution of Bipedal Locomotion?"

When a population of prehistoric apes began to use long, sharpened sticks as lethal weapons, the ability to attack predators and prey from a safe distance gave an advantage to those individuals who could best stand, walk, and run on two legs, leading to a complete redesign of the primate body and the evolution of full upright posture. This will be a scholarly article addressed to a professional audience. 

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version of this same argument, addressed to the general reader, appears in Chapter 2 of my new book, 

UNBOUND: How Eight Technologies Made Us Human,Transformed Society, and Brought Our World to the Brink, 

which has just been published by Arcade Publishing of New York.

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